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We have designed our services to help you get the best possible opportunity at winning the job you are seeking.We have restructured our services many time to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the jobs market. In fact, as a providers of hiring services to employers, we are often ahead of the curb, contiually innovating and developing new strategies to help both employers and applicant find the perfect job match.

Choose of the services we offer the one(s) that are best suited for your needs. With any service you choose, you will be entered nto our Match Program where we o the legwork to match applicants with the currently open position posted under our service.

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We have created this list of services based on our analysis of jobpostings, thosands of job applications, and current job market trends.

  • Automated Online Resume Builder: fill in your information and, in less than a minute, we will send your automatically created resume, in PDF format, directly to your email inbox

  • Hosted Resume –Download PDF or share link: whether it is the one automatically created or one you already have, we will make it available online for you and your potential employers.

  • Professional Online Portfolio: we will create a contemporary professional online portfolio that is based on resume. In fact, it looks like a resume posted on a web page; it just looks cleaner and easier to read, with added links, widgets (such as LinkedIn), and a resume download link/button. (see example here)

  • Custom Professional Online Portfolio: this is a great option for individuals who continue to progress and seek higher positions and need a permanent protfolio to continually add newly acquired credentials and skills. This service is highly customizable to the clients' needs.

Add-on Services: The following services can be added onto the ones listed above

  • Stylized Resume:We extract resume data and recreate it in a modern, eye-catching, style that makes it stand out from the rest.
  • Password Protection: A single password protects your file, share link and/or you portfolio. You can share the user name and password with as many parties as you desire.
  • Log in Access Credentials: A unique user name and password is created for each party you wish to grant access to. THis is useful is you want to later revoke a given party's access or see statistics on the secure visits to your protfolio.

Basic Level

  • Auto Resume Builder
  • Hosted Resume
  • Add single password for $3.99
  • Add stylized Resume for $8.99
Stick to the basics


$14.99per 3 years
  • Present your professional image
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Be always ready
  • Be always accessible
  • Great value for 3 years
  • Most proficeint, most efficient
Best value for  pros!


$24.99 per year
  • For career professionals
  • Look for more, get more!
  • Make your profile grow with you
  • Design to reflect your career achievements
Continued career growth

Gifts and Resellers Packages


By multiple services in one package as a girt for a group of collegues, friends or family members and get 40% discount on your purchase


Get up to 70% reseller discount if you intend to resell our services in compliance with our terms of service.

Resellers also qualify for free coupon codes distribute in their clientel market to grow their services.

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