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Memorial Coast Heart Institute (CHI)

A renowned cardiology practice on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. CHI became a Memorial Physicians Clinic in 2015.

Staffing categories

  • Clinical staff at CHI are Memorial Hospital (MHG) "E" employees.
  • Clerical and administrative staff are Coast Heart Institute Employees and MHG "C" employees.
  • Healthcare Providers (MDs, NPs) can be MHG-E or CHI & MHG-C.

Salary and employment benefits are based on category. Clinical positions applicants must contact MHG's Employment Service for wage and benefits information.

Registered Nurse

  • Salary: Wage information will be provided by Employment Services at MHG.
  • Benefit: MHG offers a competitive benefits package. Information will be provided by Employment Services at MHG
  • Skills: clinical medical assistant experience
  • Location: Gulfport, MS

Administrative Secretary / Office Coordinator

  • Salary: Up to $
  • /hr
  • Benefits: Health, vision and dental insurance, PTO, retirement plan
  • Skills: Proficient in computer and office machinery use, proficient in Microsoft Office suite. See the job post for more details.
  • Location: Gulfport, MS

Please carefully read the job description and requirement before you submit your application online.
A resume (PDF file format only) must be attached to your application
An algorithm will sort through the submitted application searching for key information (education, experience, relevant employment history ..etc.) We advise that you fill out as many fields as possible and avoid copying and pasting from other sources; additional invisible characters may render your application unreadable.

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