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Job requirements and applicants credentuials are stored in our database

Match engine

Matching applicants to all open positions to identify the best match

Human review of Results 

Our agent review and optimze the results before submitting to both parties

How we do it together

Saving employers money and resources by automated shortlisting, followed by experts review.
Creating opportunities and giving options to applicants

Submit your job opening

Tell us about your job openings and selection critieria for each
We build the application forms to collect the data needed

We direct all job boards to your postings

We post on popular job boards and redirect to your own job openings applications

We do the leg work

We filter pplications based on your selection criteria and send for your review the application that best match your requirements


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Please use the form below to contact us if you have any question about our services. Specific job posting-related questions are better addressed to the respective employer.